Friday, December 01, 2006

For a Sister Lost

I'd made the decision about a month ago not to participate to loudly today. The loss of my own light- my sista girl- the women who could set me straight with a glance and lift me to the rafters with a wicked thought;After living with HIV for 13 years; to lose her so senselessly after the Towers fell is still too fresh in my mind. Today is a quiet reflection on what was promised, what's been accomplished and what's left to get done.

I'm great, your son's are becoming the men you always wanted them to be, and we still continue to fight for everyone.

Great peace and restless sleep are what we still wish for you, until we meet again, Leslie Noel.


David said...

Short, sweet and truly beautiful.

Lexx said...

thanks for showing the Luv, D.