Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bringing back Saturday Mornings

Do you recall with any glee the simplicity of waking on a Saturday morning with nothing to do but catching your favorite toons? Tom & Jerry, Donald and the whole quacking crew, Robots; I'm talking Gigantor here kids, not the eighties versions.

Adult Swim, seen late weeknights on the Cartoon network has some great stuff, but the high note is Seth Green's "Robot Chicken".
The animation is rudimentary at best, but the content is pure genius. He's using topical subjects played against our best loved toons with some current references thrown in to boost the screams and howls the shows produce. That and he's got some of the very best voice over talent and a cadre of Hollywood's Gen Ex up and comers adding their own acting skills to the mix. The U-Tube below is a great mix of the season so far. At 15min per episode you've just gotta record a few to watch. And the opening sequence of how the title came about is pure "Clockwork Orange"

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David said...

I LOVE Robot Chicken.