Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Nite Funstuff - These Boots are Made for Walking

The clip says so much about our lives. From walking timidly out on our own into the world where it's all too easy to be chewed up and left for dead as nothing more than roadkill. That is until our big sisters come along and bring us back into the fold that supports and nurtures our off-kilter independence.

I've given up on films when some random reviewer says 'I must see it'. Truth be told, I've never followed the crowd in these matters and I haven't trusted a written film review since the Times 'retired' Janet Maslin and Elvis Mitchell.

However, after seeing this clip, I definitely missed out by not catching Kinky Boots in theatres. Not that I can't or won't go out and get the DVD; but I do love sitting in a large theatre, alone, and enjoying the big screen and I'm sorry I let this one slip buy. This film is not to be missed.