Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Afternoon High

Sunday afternoons. Previously held at Grandma's. Surrounded by family. Feeling secure, loved, supported and protected. Sunday afternoons now- Meeting the guys at Elmo's for a bite, ginger mojitos way to good for your own good and the round table lament of the past weeks too sexy, too scary, too smothering, too 'McSteamy', too lick your fingers good to the last drop good for anyones good.

As adults we make our own families; as gay men they're sometime thrust upon us out of necessity and recognizing of one of our own. I'm glad you guys are here.

There's only one thing missing to sum up the past weeks mis-adventures of the heart. One of these, worn underneath that zipfront sweater I paid way too much for.


David said...

Thanks for the heads up on your blog.

Where did you find these fortune cookie pics? I love them!

Lexx said...

D. Thanks. They're available through The article title is an active link directly there.